News and Analysis 9/22/21

What does it mean to “illegally covert” someone to another religion? We may never know because, after denying  bail to ten persons arrested on the charge, UP’s Anti-Terrorism Squad refuses “to provide details about those converted”:

It is a victory for transparency in a large military subsidy for a foreign country, but the one billion dollars demanded by Israel will likely be added to a different bill:

A n”Black, disabled Muslim … arrested, mocked and killed after trying to bring his service dog into a public restroom”:

“A large majority of the Palestinians, the poll found, believe that Hamas deserves to represent the Palestinians, while Fatah, the PA and PA security services have lost people’s confidence”:

That a prisoner has been appointed to succeed Geelani’s was inevitable since any free man to receive the appointment would have been promptly arrested:

“[I]conic symbols of Palestinian identity, including the olive tree, za‘atar or wild thyme, and the recently revived watermelon … will within decades be under threat from the effects of drought, criminally exacerbated by the effects of Israel’s occupation”:

It isn’t just that Mike Pompeo doesn’t respect property rights, he doesn’t even seem to know what ownership means:

Paranoia in Kashmir has gone beyond killing innocent civilians to shooting down Hindu cops:

Iranian collector Mohammed Afkhami estimates that 40% of Iranian artists are women “whose works give the lie to the myth that all Iranian women live painfully downtrodden lives, denied any meaningful form of self-expression”:

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