News and Analysis 9/25/21

Having spent over “$390,000 in legal fees defending its actions the county will now approve the cemetery and pay $500,000 to the “nonprofit organization providing low-cost burial and funeral services to Muslims in the region]”:

The appeal raises an important question: Can war criminals be exempt from prosecution on the grounds that committing war crimes is part of their official duty?

With most neighboring countries denying women visas and no help come from the U.S., refugees now fear travel through Iran may “damage their prospects for resettlement in Europe or the United States”:

Despite fear of the Taliban’s return to power, some Kabul residents “acknowledge grudgingly that the capital has already become safer in just the past month” from roaming bands of thieves and relentless crime”:

“As long as Britain and other states continue to superficially endorse a two-state solution, Israel will become entrenched as a full-blown apartheid state with international blessing”:

Abbas told the U.N. that he would end recognition of Israel “if it refused to withdraw from the territories Palestinians want for a future state”:

Iran’s new FM says U.S. violations of the nuclear treaty started under Obama:

“How can it be that you’ve allowed this woman to come speak with me?” A German law equates the Muslim headscarf with Nazi tattoos:

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