News and Analysis 9/30/21

“[S]everal shirtless settlers with scarves wrapped around their faces hurling stones at a cluster of homes and vehicles. Israeli troops stood among the settlers but did not appear to be taking any action to stop them”:

False charges of antisemitism to suppress true statements about Israeli aggression are not new, but “the intervention of Israeli government officials directly with an American university over the teaching of a course represents a troubling new threat to academic freedom”:

Women’s education is off to a bad start under Taliban 2.0, but it is as important for the Taliban as it is for Afghani women:

The show demonstrates the “diversity of opinion, diversity of faith and … great diversity in how Iranians express themselves. ” Its sponsor estimates “that 40 per cent of artists working in Iran right now are female, higher than elsewhere”:

Iraq’s PM seeks “to promote a more integrated region and turn his country into a bridge rather than a battleground for competing foreign powers”:

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