News and Analsis 10/3/21

Everyone agrees saving lives is good thing, but the U.S. Congress is only interested in saving Israeli lives, not Palestinian ones:

Iran will not go back to talks unless Biden proves he is “serious”:

Stand With Kashmir accuses Twitter, Facebook and Instagram of censoring Kashmiris with no other means of expression “by removing content, blocking important accounts that provide information, and restricting the reach of content”:

“Washington has lent Riyadh critical support since the initial Saudi-led intervention. Now, the United States “has a responsibility to help clean up the mess it helped create’”:

“I strongly condemn this vandalism and urge the administration, especially Jammu and Kashmir Police, to identify the culprits so they can be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law” — Omar Abdullah, Jammu & Kashmir National Conference VP:

“Young evangelicals remain to be convinced of Christian Zionism. And they very well may not be”:






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