News and Analysis 10/6/21

Israel trains Panamanian police how to recognize people who deserve to die: They look like Arabs:

Frances Haugen last worked at Facebook “on tracking Chinese participation on the platform, surveilling, say, Uyghur populations around the world” …

… and reports that “Facebook was well aware of incendiary anti-Muslim narratives being promoted on the platform in India” …

… as Time magazine asks:

Palestinian human rights group accuses PayPal of denying services to West Bank and Gaza Palestinians “while providing full access to Israeli settlers living illegally in the West Bank”:

As “tensions mount between Iran and Azerbaijan over Baku’s ties with Israel, a major arms supplier” …

… is in talks with Russia, Pakistan, and even Saudi Arabia; will the U.S. be next?

“Israeli acknowledgement of its nuclear capabilities would likely force it to join Iran as a signatory to the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons (NPT)”:

No group has claimed credit for the killings of a pharmacist, a street food vendor, and a cab driver:

His family is pleading with Iran to let Baquer Namazi, in need of “surgery to open a near complete blockage of the two main arteries that supply blood to his brain, … leave the country”:

The man Donald Trump called a “hostage” turns out to be a would-be bigamist who sought to marry a younger Iranian woman while secretly married to a U.S. permanent resident who had filed domestic violence charges against him:






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