News and Analysis 10/11/21

Columbus “claimed to see more than 400 mosques in the territory he conquered 500 years ago, which today we call Mexico, and he referred to the leader Montezuma as a ‘sultan’”:

The Israeli demonstrates its contempt for the property, persons, freedom, and health of the Palestinians under its occupation …

… except in Beita where “[h]undreds of fearful Palestinians” walked past Israeli soldiers guarding an illegal Israeli settlement to harvest their olives:

“Kisan … is surrounded by several illegal Israeli settlements and outposts, including Ma’ale Amos, Mizpe Shalem and Abei Hanahal, constructed on large tracts of private land expropriated from Palestinian owners”:

Seven-year-old Cassandra Wyatt “has not been back to school since the alleged incident”:

“This is not how they imagined their first home together: a mattress on the floor, a hot plate to cook on and a police guard stationed out front. It’s a secret safe house in India’s capital, 200 miles from the village where they grew up”:

For Hindus and Sikhs in Kashmir, three murders in one week provoke a “flashback” of the pogroms of the 1990s …

… and provide the state with an excuse for “hard action to be taken on all the elements including terrorists, overground workers (OGWs) and sympathizers”:

“[A]fter weeks of consultations, Iran and the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) have reached a deal on ‘‘the way and the timing’ for UN nuclear inspectors to service cameras installed at Iran’s nuclear facilities”:

“Ending endless war means more than troop withdrawal. It also means ending the militarized approach to foreign policy — including the transfer of deadly weapons around the world — that has undermined human rights”:

The Islamic Republic of Iran’s first president wrote that in France Khomeini talked “about liberation and freedom of speech” but from the moment of his return to Tehran, “he was purely in pursuit of power”:






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