News and Analysis 10/13/21

The Tunisian dictator seems to think that appointing a woman to replace the democratically elected prime minister will distract attention from the fact that he rules “by decree” and not with the consent of the governed:

Thanks to the Israeli blockade and military strikes as well as cutbacks in humanitarian aid, Gazaa municipal water is intermittent, polluted by sewage, and unpalatably salty. Those who can buy private water:

Angry that authorities refused to bar Muslim students from a college event celebrating a Hindu holiday on the grounds that it is not against the law, BJP allied fanatics “went on the rampage, accusing the college of promoting ‘love jihad’”:

Palestinians are not the only marginalized group to have been denied service by PayPal. Its Venmo division was sued last year “for blocking payments associated with Islam or Arab nationalities or ethnicities”:

“He is keen to stress that the Palestinian question is not and never was a religious one but rather a colonial one. Nevertheless he … writes about God, the Quran and his spiritual beliefs, without feeling the need to hide behind metaphors or caveats”:

The Taliban have signaled that closure of public schools secondary school for girls may be temporary, perhaps due to a shortage of female teachers, but the Prophet (pbuh) made it a priority by saying that education of girls is a road to paradise:

The over 390 workers condemning technology for “surveillance of and unlawful data collection on Palestinians, and facilitates expansion of Israel’s illegal settlements on Palestinian land” remain anonymous due to fear of retaliation:

Under the principle of retribution those criminals who blind women by throwing acid in their eyes should be blinded (unless the victims prefer financial compensation) but Western “human rights” groups object:

A doubling of hate crimes from 2009 to 2018 combined with abuse from peers, professors and administrators, and a refusals to recognize Muslim holidays contribute to the students’ dissatisfaction over safety and inclusion:






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