News and Analysis 10/15/21

The unintended positive consequences of the withdrawal from Afghanistan and uncertainty over future U.S. commitments to the Middle East demonstrate the value of nonintervention to safe and secure world:

““We had two goals – the first was to see our families and live in the West Bank under Palestinian Authority protective custody. The second was to prove to all Israeli security organizations and the Israeli government that they’re incompetent”:

“The Palestinian detainee, whose identity is unknown, along with the reason for his detention, was handcuffed and blindfolded during the abuse and moved to a prison, where he underwent a medical examination”:

“India needs to move quickly to improve its shameful record of harassing and detaining critical journalists in Jammu and Kashmir in a complete abandonment of India’s once-proud tradition of press freedom”:

“The latest escalations by Israel is proof that conflict is not incidental or circumstantial to Zionism; it is integral to its logic and necessary for its functioning”:

Stafford County’s resistance to an Islamic cemetery that went on for years “was more than poor judgment. It has become a sterling example for local governments of how not to deal with minority communities”:






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