News and Analysis 10/18/21

“[I]n addition to the burning and cutting down of trees, the attacks included stealing olive crops, chasing down farmers and pushing them off their lands, as well as threatening them and drowning parts of their lands with the sewage water”:

British Muslims are apprehensive “after it emerged that Ali Harbi Ali, the 25-year-old man arrested on suspicion of murder following the fatal stabbing, came from a British Somali family”:

“The grisly killing of a villager during a campaign to evict hundreds of Muslim families from government land in India’s Assam … sparked national outrage”:

“Nobody has yet claimed responsibility for Sunday’s killings, or for an incident the previous day in which two other migrant workers were shot dead”:

The slumping economy and a self-destructive campaign strategy are blamed for the Fatah Alliance’s poor showing in the Iraqi elections, which they call a “sham”:

“Many Iranians blame the scale of Covid fatalities on the decision of Iran’s Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, to ban the import of US- and UK-developed vaccines last winter”:

The organizers profess that “blending secular, religious, and personal symbols … cuts ‘to the core of the insidious nature of empire and colonialism.’” But, really, shoes on a prayer rug?

Since the election of its new president, Iran “has so far refused to resume indirect talks with the United States in Vienna”:






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