News and Analysis 10/23/21

“Two of the six groups said they would not be forced underground despite the uncertainty of their new status, which would allow Israel to raid the groups’ offices, seize assets, arrest employees and criminalize funding and expressions of support”:

Those who argued that Article 370 was the cause of communal strife and terrorism must confront the fact that two years after its abrogation things have gotten worse:

“UN independent rights experts … called on the Israeli Government to completely end the ‘unlawful practice’ of administrative detention”:

Religious scholars in Bangladesh are condemning violence whether against Hindus or Muslims:

“With PayPal not operating in Palestine, it’s like another checkpoint that’s stopping us from moving,” says a web designer who lost a contract because his client in Australia used PayPal to pay bills:

“Far from becoming one of the world’s 10 largest economies by 2023, as ErdoÄŸan promised, Turkey is now out of the top 20. Double-digit inflation, increasing unemployment, and rising consumer prices have made life unbearable for millions”:

“Shortlisted for The JCB Prize for Literature 2021, Shabir Ahmad Mir’s debut novel captures the vortex that Kashmir has been in over the years”:

Israel systematically erases Palestinian identity, yet “[a] film about a Palestinian citizen of Israel, with a predominantly Palestinian cast, based on a novel by a Palestinian author, won this year’s top Israeli film honor”:






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