News and Analysis 10/25/21

Has the transition to civilian rule in Sudan been aborted?

Interrogated on allegations of throwing rocks, she was released without charge and then denied the opportunity to breast feed her baby for no apparent reason save harassment:

The teacher’s insulting answer to a student’s request to finish a math assignment at home left some of his classmates laughing and others in shock:

1300: The number of planned new illegal settlements and the number of Palestinians detained in the past three months:

“Iran’s economy became dominated by the state after the 1979 revolution when major industries were nationalized in the wake of an Islamic-leftist zeal, and businessman were either jailed, killed or had to flee for their lives”:

Palestinians who report police brutality can expect another beating:

In their new book, Mark Lamont Hill and Mitchell Plitnick show there is no daylight between the Trump and Biden policies on Palestine:

Palestinian author, activist and human rights attorney Jonathan Kuttab … has abandoned any hope for two states and is now calling for a single entity that recognizes the rights and obligations of both sides”:






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