News and Analysis 10/28/21

An Israeli court allowed the municipality to dig up “the cemetery based on its claim that it was in a part which contained no graves,” but when bodies were overturned by bulldozers the “court ignored the evidence and maintained the authorisation”:

The latest development in Kashmir’s descent into totalitarianism is booking young people for “terrorism” because they cheered a Pakistani cricket team’s victory over India:

An attempt to conflate anti-Zionism with anti-Semitism backfires and the victim of the smear has been “awarded £70,000 after [a] tribunal judge in London rules he was unfairly dismissed”:

A “program for the return of Kashmiri Hindus and Sikhs who had fled in the 1990s” under Manmohan Singh coincided with a decline in violence. Modi’s policies have reversed this trend:

Pressed by Israel “and pro-Israel NGOs, multiple European governments and private foundations … have conducted extensive audits of each of the six organizations” falsely accused of links to the PFLP. “None found any evidence of foul play”:

“Sushmita Dev, an MP from the regional Trinamul Congress party, told the BBC that the BJP was trying to use the recent violence in Bangladesh to ‘polarise’ the voters ahead of the municipal elections in the state in November”:

Israel persecutes not only Muslims and Christians, but those religious Jews who believe “that Jews should not return to Palestine until the return of the messiah”:






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