News and Analysis 10/31/21

The U.N. secretary general urges Sudan’s generals to heed the tens of thousands protesting the coup as security forces deploy fatal violence against the demonstrators:

“Over my dead body will they dig up my son’s grave” — Ola Nababta explaining how she was beaten by Israeli forces intent on desecrating the Al-Yousufiya cemetery:

In Bangladesh the government has condemned the violence against Hindus and pledged to “hunt down” the attackers, but in India the police have denied that retaliatory attacks have taken place and refuse to allow victims to file suit:

As Google and Amazon provide Israel with high tech tools to enhance apartheid and dispossession …

… Politico’s new German owner implements a plan to insure the American organ will fall in line behind the apartheid state:

Biden sends a U.S. bomber to fly with Israeli fighter jets to signal his willingness to go to war with Iran:






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