News and Analysis 11/3/21

Israel has created a special Ministry of Strategic Affairs “to intimidate human rights organizations based inside Israel and Palestine” …

… and in a private letter to an American, an Israeli political prisoner exposes how the apartheid state tries to silence those who oppose its barbarism:

“UAE facilitation of a Sudanese-Israeli relationship coincided with Emirati backtracking on the full disbursement of its post-Bashir US$3 billion aid package” thus strengthening the military at the expense of civilian rule:

“[U]nsubstantiated claims of voter fraud are casting a shadow over an election that was praised by the United States, the U.N. Security Council and others for being the smoothest in years and without major technical glitches.” Sound familiar?

Energix is built on subsidies: In Israel “free or Israeli controlled foreign territory, solar and wind resources. In the U.S., … tens of millions in federal solar energy tax credits”:

The BJP has “relieved” Randhawa of his party positions in the party after previously issuing “a show-cause notice against him and sought his apology” for calling “for violence against Kashmiris who support the Pakistani cricket team”:

If virtual reality is an escape from an oppressive existence, Kashmir “is a Metaverse by itself”:

The need for the tool is evident since “the recent mass censorship in May of Palestine-related content during digital mobilisation over the Israeli war on Gaza and attempts at ethnic cleansing in the Palestinian neighbourhood of Sheikh Jarrah in Jerusalem”:

The Yemeni immigrant’s win over a four-term incumbent “represents a seismic shift in a city that did not have an Asian or Muslim council member until the 2000s, becoming majority-minority in makeup in the last decade”:

The rejected offer would have resigned the homeowners into becoming “‘protected tenants,’ blocking any eviction and demolition order for at least the next 15 years”:






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