News and Analysis 11/5/21

Frightened that information provided by human rights groups may help the ICC investigation and Congressional efforts against the arrest of children, Israel resorts to “secret evidence,” i.e. falsehoods obtained by torturing prisoners …

How is this not criminal negligence? “They trailed the wrong car! They couldn’t tell the difference between a laptop and a bomb. They declared a building empty that had a whole family in it. They killed an aid worker while trying to target terrorists”:

The Sabbath is a day of rest, and what is more restful to a settler colonizer than to club indigenous people? …

… but for the IDF killing Palestinian is part of the job, so they prefer to shoot children in the stomach on Fridays:

“[A]lthough we all happen to be practicing Muslims, we … will all take an oath … to protect the Constitution of the United States, and that includes the concept of separation of church and state. — Newly elected Councilwoman Amanda Jaczkowski …

… while a Bangladeshi-American woman became the first Muslim on the New York City Council:

“There’s quite a few churches on Church Road that runs in Southaven and Horn Lake, so it’s pretty interesting to drive down that road and see all the churches and you know ironic, they’re not going to allow a similar house of worship on the same street”:

“At least 46 journalists have been killed since 2000 and no one has been held to account” — International Federation of Journalists statement:

“More than 200 civil rights, Jewish and other faith-based organizations rejected” Hawley’s claims that EmgageUSA’s criticism of Israeli mistreatment of Palestinians is anti-Semitic as “flagrant anti-Muslim animus” tinged with “bigotry and xenophobia”:

“Iraq’s majority Shi’ites have dominated government since the U.S.” overthrew Saddam Hussein but the big winner in the election “opposes Iranian interference in Iraqi politics and has called for all remaining Western troops to withdraw from the country”:

With UNRWA’s budget cut by more than 50%, staff members help Palestinians threatened with land confiscation to pick olives:






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