News and Analysis 11/11/21

With U.S. ambitions in the Middle East scaled back and with his credibility on liberalization near zero, MbS’s only ace is normalization of relations with Israel, but this card may have to stay in the hole until the current king, his father, is out of the way:

“Administrative detention is a measure that Israel used almost exclusively for Palestinians and almost never for Jews,”  but the huger-strikers’ demands are clear: Give us liberty or give us death:

As anti-Muslim riots and lynchings demonstrate how the Hindutva philosophy behind the JVP is as different from classical Hinduism as ISIS and Boko Haram are from classical Islam, some try to minimize the threat:

“Earlier this year, India’s home ministry said in the Indian parliament that 348 people died in police custody and 5,221 died in judicial custody in the last three years”:

The “executive director of the state’s chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations … said Durr apologized sincerely” for remarks that included calling the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)  a pedophile and denying that Islam is an actual religion: concluded that the Vietnamese flagged ship was making a second attempt to skirt sanctions and that the IRGC saw “an opportunity to embarrass the U.S. with a propaganda victory via ‘a music video starring [the U.S. Navy]’”:

“[A]t Harvard, only students of certain religious faiths are able to gather in religious spaces that let light in”:

The Israeli ambassador to the UK participated in an LSE debate, defended her racist views and denied the Nakba ever happened, but she is not satisfied because students who disagreed with her were allowed to protest her appearance:






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