News and Analysis (11/29-30/08)

What began as a clash between two political parties over a disputed election turned into Christian-Muslim conflict:

The White House policy that “if a country cannot deal with a terrorism problem on its own, the United States reserves the right to act unilaterally” may make India deaf to pleas for restraint against Pakistan…

… and Pakistan withdraws its previous offer to send it’s spy chief, claiming Pakistani was “‘already bending over backwards’ to be cooperative and did not ‘want to create more opportunities for Pakistan-bashing'”:

Still well below the 100,000 average of refugees admitted during the 1990s,

Hamas takes out its anger over its rival, the Palestinian Authority, which coordinated the pilgrimages, on the pilgrims:

“The weekend clashes will raise fears of a return to the regular bloodshed that plagued the city in the 1990s”:

Maj. Gen. John Kelly, the top Marine in Iraq, states that troops could be largely withdrawn without harming the process of making Anbar self-sufficient:


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