News and Analysis 11/14/21

After mobs “ransacked and set fire to mosques and Muslim-owned homes and shops” in October, police target “students, social activists, lawyers on the fact-finding team, the student wing of an Islamic organization,” and other citizens reporting the violence”

One of the founders of the new University of Austin in Texas proposed in response to the suppression of free inquiry on campus has a history of attempting to cancel critics of Israel on grounds later proven baseless:

“The settlers are not defying the state; they are doing its bidding” — B’Tselem:

“The family of nations is balancing on the edge of an abyss as mushrooming religious and ethnic intolerance becomes the norm” due to the West’s abandonment of “the post-World War Two principle of ‘Never Again’ and” others “never embracing it”:

“Although no groups have yet claimed responsibility, security sources and analysts” perceive a connection to resentment over “the humiliating defeat of pro-Iran blocs in the October elections”:

Seif al-Islam had been seen as “the reformist face of” his father’s before its overthrow is now wanted by the ICC “on charges of crimes against humanity related to the 2011 uprising”:

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