News and Analysis 11/17/21

MbS’s reform of the League that had spread Wahhabism to his own notion of “religious tolerance and interfaith dialogue … has not translated into allowing Shiites or anyone else in the kingdom to express themselves freely or criticise the crown prince or [his] policy”:

Big brother is listening:

The former FM published a book denying that BJP fascism reflects Hindu teachings and, like a Hindu version of ISIS, “a mob of about 20 people from a hardline local Hindu group” set out to prove him wrong:

Yet another way in which Israeli apartheid outdoes the South African original:

Disputing police claims, “witnesses and families of the civilians said Indian troops used them as human shields during the standoff”:

“The majority of the Jordan Valley and Dead Sea area is off-limits to Palestinian residential or community-use and development, as nearly 90 percent of the total area is earmarked for the Israeli military or settlement jurisdiction”:

The shag paid for arms that Britain never delivered because of the 1979 revolution even though an ICC “arbitration panel ruled in May 2001 that the U.K. was liable to pay Iran”:

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