News and Analysis 11/20/21

Israel doctored their report to justify their attack on an office tower for journalists in Gaza, and Blinken bought it:

Authorities preferred to see conspiracy theories flourish than to release the innocent men they had convicted innocent men:

The UAE thinks Elbit Systems, did such a great job slaughtering Palestinians, they are giving the Israeli arms maker a chance to do the same for them at the same time that it fosters economic ties with Iran:

A “federal grand jury indicted two Iranian hackers for election interference that included obtaining confidential voter information from at least one state’s election website for a cyber-based disinformation campaign targeting 100,000 Americans”:

His  one hundred and three day hunger strike led to actual charges being filed against him and while the odds are 100-1 that he will be convicted, at least then he will have a definite release date which uncharged, unconvicted administrative detainees are denied:

“They kill civilians and label them anything they want because they enjoy impunity. Five children have been orphaned in the two families. Where else do you see such oppression?” …

… “In 18 shooting cases investigated by the Israeli army, no one has been brought to trial”:

“DeMaster worked … as a legal analyst for … one of the major proponents of Islamophobia in the United States” and before that as law clerk prepping “attorneys on ‘Sharia law (and) radical Islamic ideology'”:

“The mix-up draws attention to Israel’s policy of withholding bodies of Palestinians who allegedly carried out attacks”:

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