News and Analysis 11/22/21

Watching your neighbor’s home destroyed may not be quite as bad as watching your own, but it serves the saying terroristic purpose:

As the MSM headline a Hamas member’s killing of a South African settler-colonist IDF veteran, they neglect to mention the 77 Palestinian children Israel has killed so far this year:

“Israeli officials reportedly dismissed U.S. warnings that attempts to slow down Iran’s nuclear program with sabotage are causing Iran to speed it up”:

What do American taxpayers get for their $10 million a day to the IDF? Israeli soldiers tell you in their own words:

“My prophet said to find bread by honest work. I work here constructing tombs… I don’t see anything that would jeopardise my religion”:

“[I]n response to a call from populist Shia cleric Muqtada al-Sadr … a senior official with the Kitaeb Hizbullah militia, said it had decided to dissolve its Popular Defence Brigades and had ordered them to stop all activities and close their headquarters”:

During the Biden’s first ten months the predicament of the Palestinians was worsened. The “paltry” restoration of $360 million in humanitarian aid is dwarfed by the addition of $1 billion dollars for “Iron Dome” to the $3.8 billion annual aid to Israel:






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