News and Analysis 11/24/21

Kashmiri activists condemn the continued use of the Unlawful Activities Prevention Act to “attack on free speech in the region”:

Slurs against students protesting Israeli policies are part of “a multi-layered form of prejudice, inseparable from the overall anti-Muslim and anti-Arab sentiment in the West … difficult to name” as bigotry as long as its victims are not seen as deserving equality:

Israel’s “discriminatory treatment of US citizens based on their ethnic and religious identities and their political viewpoints has led to a high rejection rate of US citizens seeking entry to Israel and to Occupied Palestinian Territory it controls”:

To “a researcher on China for Human Rights Watch – the Israeli Blue Wolf system is eerily familiar”:

“While many have misinterpreted a hadith to mean women can’t enter a mosque, these women are covering progressive topics like sexual violence, abortion, pregnancy loss, domestic violence in their sermons”:

An Israeli scholar’s “approach to the history of Israeli military behavior challenges a long-held Manicheanism that starkly contrasts the forces of good (Israel) with the forces of darkness (the Palestinians)”:

After “Donald Trump’s unilateral abrogation of the deal in 2018, … there is now a growing search for mechanisms to monitor and verify that the P5+1 will uphold their side of the bargain”:

“In any event, even if there is a return to a deal, Israel is of course not a party to the deal and Israel is not obligated by the deal” -Israeli PM Naftali Bennett:

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