News and Analysis (1/28/13)

Israeli triple-threat: ethnic cleansing in the guise of crowd control, …

… racial purity in soccer, …

… and eugenics against African immigrants:

Mursi’s declaration of a state of emergency in the face of violent protests is not helping the Muslim Brotherhood domestically or abroad:

As the “man subjected to homophobic abuse by a self-styled Muslim patrol gang has contacted police after a public appeal”, “Shayh Shams Ad Duha, speaking at the mosque which the sharia vigilantes claimed to be protecting, condemned their actions as wholly ‘unprecedented in the books of sharia’”:

“The manuscripts survived for centuries in Timbuktu on the edge of the Sahara hidden in wooden trunks, boxes beneath the sand and caves. The majority are written in Arabic, with some in African languages, and one in Hebrew, and cover a diverse range of topics including astronomy, poetry, music, medicine and women’s rights. The oldest dated from 1204”:

“When Muslim students began praying during the school day at Parkdale, she said, some Christian teachers got upset and told the students that “it was a Christian school.” She said she explained to the students that public schools are not religious, but are legally allowed to accommodate students to practice their religion in some ways”:

Iran continues its arrests of independent journalists as it denies an explosion at a nuclear enrichment facility and boasts of shooting a monkey into space:

“[W]ith the outbreak of unrest in Iraq, [Ayatollah Sistani] has reissued the message. ‘There is no real difference between Shiite and Sunni beliefs, and I am the servant of all Iraqis [either Sunni or Shiite]…. I love everyone, and this religion [Islam] is the religion of love’”:

“Hundreds of rebels of the Moro National Liberation Front, which signed an autonomy deal with the government in 1996, have encamped in the foothills of mountainous Patikul town on southern Jolo island for two weeks to negotiate the release of foreign and Filipino hostages long held by the Abu Sayyaf in its jungle lairs”:

“Drawing a parallel from the recent movie ‘Oh My God’ where he alleged that Hindu culture is depicted in a very bad light, Shankar said that he advised against protesting because ‘protesting and banning a movie only gives them more publicity’”:






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