News and Analysis 11/26/21

The high court judges said their “hearts go out to the appellant” but that Palestinian noncombatants must just accept the fact that their wholesale slaughter is just like any other “act of war”:

The plan, illegal under International Law “is for 3,000 homes to be built, with a view to adding another 6,000 eventually” …

… in the meantime, the destruction of the homes of the indigenous people continues unabated:

People are upset that the government diverts their water to other provinces in a time of drought:

Jonathan Cook opines that in Britain today, “Israel’s apartheid character, its vigorous lobby and support for a boycott are all off the table. But worse, Labour, like the Conservative party, is once again reluctant even to criticise the occupation.”

“I apologize to anyone in the Muslim community I offended with my comment about Rep. Omar. I have reached out to her office to speak with her directly. There are plenty of policy differences to focus on without this unnecessary distraction”:

She hopes that her “PPE-specific headscarf … encourages more inclusivity in the engineering industry for other Muslim women looking to take up operational positions”:






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