News and Analysis 11/29/21

Isaac Herzog lit the first candle of Hanukah in the mosque as troops “closed the mosque gates, and prevented Palestinian residents from praying or standing nearby,” shut down shops and assaulted the press “in an attempt to prevent them from covering the intrusion”:

A Palestinian-Dutch filmmaker’s latest film makes a fictional story out of the real life Israeli practice of using hair cutting salons “to drug women and put them in an awkward position and take [pictures] so that they could blackmail them into becoming traitors”:

“Putting me in jail for the joke I never did to cancelling my shows, which has nothing problematic in it. This is unfair” — Muslim comedian Munawar Faruqui explaining why prior restraint has forced him to give up his career:

Both Israel and Iran “appear to be striking out at civilians to send messages to their governments”:

These are talks between autocrats keen to protect their own grip on power and boost their economies: not peace in our time, only within our borders” — cautioned The Economist:

The BJP has renamed a railway station to honor a Hindu queen who married a Muslim man , an act that they would today decry as (willing or unwilling) participation in a “love jihad”:






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