News and Analysis 12/4/21

“The report shows how Israel worked to …  protect the political and military officials responsible … [for devising and implementing] the unlawful open-fire policy, which resulted in the killing of more than 200 Palestinians and the injury of some 8,000 others”:

The negotiations to restore JCPOA adjourn for a week to the disappointment of Europe and Iran, but to the delight of Israel who would like to see them permanently abandoned:

As Israel continues its war on Palestinian human right groups …

… in Britain, Zionists demonstrate how to persecute Jews with the pretense of fighting anti-Semitism:

In a new city with a severe shortage of mosques Muslim workers have no choice but to pray outdoors on public lands, but now Hindu vigilantes hold raucus protests disrupting the prayers and inducing city officials to reduce permitted sites from 108 to 37:

Recognize Palestine and Siri won’t give you the time of day:






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