News and Analysis 12/12/21

Conservative Texans take note: You governor is making a lie out of America’s promise. “If I don’t want to buy anything at WalMart, who are you to tell me not to shop at WalMart? Why do I have to pledge allegiance to a foreign country?”:

Israeli analysts and Middle East countries weary of Iran realize the U.S. pullout from a nuclear accord was a huge mistake, that Israel is no longer in a position to attack Iran, and that Iran’s economic position may improve despite sanctions:

After “a report last month about a 2019 incident in which US airstrikes killed scores of civilians,” U.S. evasiveness about civilians killed or wounded in last week’s attack is provoking concern:

“The United Nations Development Program projects that the war in Yemen will have killed at least 377,000 people by the end of this year. … [A] staggering 70% of the total casualties are children under the age of five”:

Palestinians hold municipal elections without national elections to great controversy:

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