News and Analysis 12/16/21

“[A]lmost no Israeli officer or settler has been held accountable for” the 2,206 Palestinian children killed In the past twenty years:

“The Uyghur Forced Labor Prevention Act effectively bans all imports from China’s Xinjiang region, where the U.S. government has said that the Chinese Communist Party is perpetrating a genocide against the religious minority, including slave labor, forced sterilizations and concentration camps”:

The racialization of Islam is a deliberate attempt to immunize Islamophobes from charges of religious discrimination by reframing “Muslims as not a religious minority, but a national security threat and a suspect race:

In only fifteen months Kashmir’s mai city has gone from being a “‘militancy-free zone’ with no locally recruited militants” to “to the highest number of allegedly targeted killings of policemen and civilians, including members of the minority community” …

… its main mosque “has largely remained closed for the past two years” and its chief imam “has been detained in his home almost nonstop throughout that time”:

It is unclear why Trump thought giving Netanyahu everything asked for in advance of a peace deal would lead to one, but … it didn’t:

CAIR-OH’s “longtime executive and legal director, Romin Iqnal, … admitted to leaking information to … a Washington DC-based non-profit group that  … uses ‘unsubstantiated threats that portray Muslims as dangerous to accrue funding’”:






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