News and Analysis 12/19/21

“[A]round 20,000 employees of Jammu and Kashmir’s Power Transmission and Distribution Corporations went on an indefinite strike on Saturday to protest … the merger with the central government entity”:

“After three weeks of talks, discussions on the Iran nuclear deal are essentially back to where they were at the beginning of summer. Yet, diplomats said, even that reflects progress”:

“We are Muslims,” Ghalib said, sitting in the council chamber at city hall where he will soon preside. “We are proud of our beliefs and values. But we are not going to try and impose them on others” — Mayor-elect Amer Ghalib:

The OIC wants to prevent a bad situation becoming worse, but it is “difficult for the West to engage with the Taliban,” as it fears “that such an interaction would be tantamount to admitting defeat in the 20-year war”:

The Supreme Court order directs “that people from other faiths already holding shop licences in the temple premises must not be barred from participating in the auction for shops”:

“The Associated Press news agency said one of its photographers, Mahmoud Illean, was ‘pushed and beaten by Israeli police in an unprovoked attack’ while covering the protests, requiring hospital treatment”:






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