News and Analysis 12/24/21

As targeting nuclear development has become more difficult, Israel has turned to “conducting massive cyberattacks on sensitive civilian targets like dams, gasoline stations and power plants to foment nationwide riots with the objective of toppling the regime or keeping the rulers busy with day-to-day, endless riots”:

Local Muslims have welcomed the reopening of Srinagar’s 125-year-old St. Luke’s Church which was “closed in the early 1990s when an armed rebellion against Indian rule started in the Muslim-majority region“:

The Gurgaon government’s refusal to permit building more mosques as Muslim population has grown “has forced the community to hold Friday afternoon prayers — the most important of the week for Muslims — in open spaces”:

The organization “which has challenged Triple Talaq and the Ram temple verdict, has now decided to publish a monthly journal on Muslim religious law “to remove falsehoods about Sharia” and explain its position on matters such as women’s rights, marriage, mosques barring entry of women, adoption and inheritance”:

Special Rapporteurs allege, “The Islamic Republic of Iran executed Mr. Ghorbani in secret, on the basis of overbroad provisions, following a deeply flawed process, and while his case was still under consideration by the Supreme Court”:

The attorney for the student’s family said the white teacher demanded “to see tears” from the student he forced to kneel and beg:






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