News and Analysis 12/27/21

“Israel refused to grant Archbishop Tutu and Professor Chinkin authorisation to enter Gaza, but they were eventually able to travel to the besieged territory via Egypt”:

The Sangh Parivar seeks to claim exclusively for Hindus a shrine belonging to both Islamic Sufi and Hindu Avadhuta traditions,  which has been “a symbol of Hindu-Muslim amity for centuries”:

Israel illegally annexed Syria’s Golan Heights in 1981:

“Most Christians in Iran are ethnic Armenians who celebrate Christmas on January 6” …

… but  foreigners are not included in the leave:

“While Kashmiri parties are disappointed that six of the seven proposed new seats in the state assembly have been allocated to Jammu, Jammu parties were unhappy that Kashmir continues to have a greater share of total assembly seats”:

There was no steal in Iraq, either:

Ten Palestinian civilians and one Israeli soldier have been wounded at the site of the unauthorized settler outpost:

“The stakes extend well beyond Iran. The world’s nuclear order, already perilous, is now at risk of unravelling”:

If you think UAE kowtowing to Israel is something new. think again:

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