News and Analysis 12/29/21

That Tunisian President Kais Saied’s plan for a return to democracy is disturbingly unpromising is no surprise, but the U.S.’s “tepid” response is simply disgraceful:

Not satisfied with their violence against Palestinians, settlers now expand their sights to include members of the Israeli government itself:

“[P]olitical parties across the mainstream-separatist spectrum in the Kashmir Valley” see the MOUs coming out of the conference as a nail in the coffin of their autonomy intended to transfer land from locals to owners from outside the once semi-autonomous region:

The UAE is changing its laws out of consideration for the foreigners who comprise 90% of it spopulation:

“Israel collects hundreds of millions of dollars worth of taxes on behalf of the Palestinian Authority …, but Israel has withheld funds over the Palestinian Authority’s payment of stipends to thousands of families that have had loved ones killed, wounded or imprisoned in the conflict”:

“The ban, which will be in place until March 6, will free up 209 megawatts of power for consumption in the household sector”:






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