News and Analysis 12/31/21

Transporting “Noureddine Bhairi and his sister-in-law … to an unknown destination” is President Kais Saied’s latest move to drag Tunisia into tyranny:

At one point Facebook blamed the “widescale deletion of Palestinian posts” on “a technical bug that it sought to fix,” but, to the alarm of rights groups, the deletions persist:

The Gujarat High Court rejects the claim that Islamic law grants power to a husband to force a woman to cohabit with him against his will:

Supporters say Modi’s policies have decreased violence, but a more careful look shows a “re-militarisation of the Valley has since been swift and comprehensive” and bodes ill:

Unsatisfied with Taliban assertions that restrictions are “recommendations, not compulsory,” the Biden administration refuses to release the Afghani government’s funds, even in the face of some Democratic dissent in Congress:

“The petition cited inflammatory speeches made by … [the] priest of Dasna temple, the anti-Muslim slogans made at the Jantar Mantar rally” and disruptions of Friday prayers at which protesters spread cow dung and issued “threatening slogans”:

“The liberal Zionist vision of partition has been outmaneuvered and defeated by its [right-wing] opponents”:






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