News and Analysis 1/3/22

As Iran demands U.N. condemnation of the U.S. and a trial for Donald Trump for extra-territorial assassination …

… “[M]embers of Iraq’s Popular Mobilisation Forces were chanting against the US and the presence of US troops in Iraq. They are blaming the [Iraqi] government for what they consider is collaborating with US forces”:

The reinstated PM was “to lead a cabinet of technocrats until elections were held. But it was unclear how much power the new civilian government would have, and protests against the military resumed, which were often violently suppressed”:

The HTS claims that shifting from war to governance requires moderating its position, but skeptics thik it is all for show:

France’s assumption of the EU presidency is cause for concern as attacks on Muslims are no longer the monopoly of the far right. Macron’s hardline interior minister, Gérald Darmanin, accused Le Pen, during a recent television debate, of going ‘soft’ on Islam”:

Evidence mounts that the Anti-terrorist Squad’s claims of forced conversion is faked:

Although the new website has been shut down, victims have little hope of justice as there have been no arrest six months after the previous site was probed:

Iran is also optimistic, provided sanctions are lifted:






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