News and Analysis (1/30/13)

“Muhammad’s story should — on its surface merits, anyway — appeal at least as much as Christianity to a U.S. culture that values small, independent businessmen, and fighting tooth and nail against government oppression. That third pillar of monotheism that will soon be the Earth’s largest faith? Muhammad built that”:

“Even within the Brotherhood, a decades-long debate on reconciling Islam as a revealed religion with liberal democracy has yet to be settled, resulting in splits and high-level defections. A younger generation in the group wants to rely on persuasion to gain support while an old guard sticks to al-sama’ wa’l-ta’a, or ‘hearing and obeying’”:

“Against the backdrop of the currently frozen peace process, all six argue – to varying degrees – that the Israeli occupation of Palestinian land is bad for the state of Israel” …

… and we are reminded of Israel’s occupation of the Golan Heights, as it violates Lebanese airspace to attack Syria:

France says it has no plans to occupy Mali and will leave it to the locals and African troops to clean up the mess:

“Ahmed Rehab … says that he is hoping to change the narrative around the world jihad. ‘We kind of got tired sitting there watching people tell us what we believe or what we don’t believe’”:

“[I]t feel[s] good right now to be a Muslim woman living in the West, free to be in harmony with my religion and to celebrate my feminine identity” — model Hajer Naili:

Ani Zonneveld, cofounder of Muslims for Progressive Values argues that rather than leave Islam, gay and lesbian Muslims should “access scholarly writings which will help them understand the story of Lot and other religious interpretations better. Relearning Islam empowers you”:

“Earlier this month, US intelligence types told news reporters that the Iranian government was behind the “sophisticated” attacks. But information security experts said the theory was unsubstantiated by any technical evidence and probably just hawkish sabre-rattling”:

A search for good Muslim children’s books reveals, “There are books out there that present God as merciful and loving and not eager to fling punishments on wayward souls. There are books out there with strong female characters, and books that reflect the diversity of our heritage and community and the values of compassion and serving others”:







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