New and Analysis 1/5/22

Kazakh ambitions to replace Russian with their own language as the official language provokes troubling rhetoric:

“While the Houthis have hit Saudi Arabia several times recently, it is a small fraction of cross-border strikes, with the Saudis carrying out dramatically more airstrikes against sites in Yemen”:

A “Columbia University graduate student who was targeted by the fake auction websites, wrote on Twitter that she no longer felt safe speaking out about the treatment of Muslim women in India”:

Held without charge or trial, “500 so-called administrative detainees began new year by refusing to show up for their court sessions”:

The rally in Iran’s currency may be due to “the increased likelihood of Iraq and South Korea releasing Iran’s frozen assets, as well as a breakthrough in Vienna talks”:

The Pakistani PM blames “corruption and rising sex crimes” for the ails of the Muslim world, but the “real issue, as Turkish scholar Mustafa Akyol has described it, is the ‘reopening of Muslim minds’. It’s about turning to reason, freedom, tolerance and enlightenment”:

“It’s unclear whether Iran, which did not attend or make submissions to the court, will make the payments. Tehran has previously offered the families of those killed $150,000 per victim”:

A Palestinian journalists observed that “Watson’s ‘simple statement’ had left ‘Zionists everywhere … in a frenzy'”:

“Although the U.S.-led international coalition announced the end of its “combat mission” in Iraq in December, some 2,500 U.S. and 1,000 coalition troops remain in the country to advise and train Iraqi security forces”:

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