News and Analysis 1/8/22

“I’ve observed trial proceedings in person at Guantánamo. The chipper ‘secrecy’ imposed by the military is insulting, anti-democratic, and cowardly” — Michael Bronner, producer of the 2021 film The Mauritanian:

“Radicalised groups openly calling for genocide of Muslims are roaming free [in India] while Kashmiri journalists shining a light on state-sponsored human rights violations are jailed” — PDP president Mehbooba Muft:

Iran admitted responsibility for the accident three days after it occurred and “Iranians inside and outside the country have been commemorating the victims.” The government now “says it is ready to hold talks with counties whose citizens were killed when IRGC shot down civilian plane”:

“Administrative detainees are arrested on ‘secret evidence’, unaware of the accusations against them, and are not allowed to defend themselves in court,” but in the case this father of five’s hunger strike, “Israel pledged to release him on February 26”:

Turnabout is fair play:

he “20-year-old man [police] suspect created an online app that shared pictures of Muslim women for a virtual ‘auction’” is one of three arrested so far, the youngest of whom, a 19-year-ols woman, says “that her actions were based on Hindu right-wing ideology, which she had picked up on social media platforms”:

With the Biden administration’s abandonment of the Palestinians and the falling “legitimacy, credibility and effectiveness of the Palestinian leadership in the eyes of the people,” the PA thinks t has no choice but to concede to every Israeli demand …

… while the diplomatic campaign “to bolster Israel’s image as a liberal democracy that plays nice” is undermined by a long list of disgraceful policies promoting illegal settlements and warring against free speech, human rights, and even against transparency by other governments:

Hindus prosecuting a Muslim for “insulting” their community by “defaming a demigod” is reminiscent of Muslims prosecuting non-Muslims  who defame a prophet:

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