News and Analysis 1/11/22

“One attendee from the resistance side said the atmosphere at the talks, held Saturday and Sunday, indicated ‘flexibility’ on the part of Taliban officials” …

… “but Iran is still ‘not at the point of officially recognising Taliban'”:

The delegate wrote of the incident that “sparked a student walkout from county schools in solidarity with” the female victim of a male assault that the police conclusion “that no racial comments were made” flies in the face of ” multiple witnesses who can attest to racist and Islamophobic comments and overtures”:

The man suspected of creating the original app aimed at degrading female Muslim ” journalists, activists, artists [and] researchers” was arrested just days after a second knock-off app was launched; …

… when the perpetrators decided “that they cannot do anything to stop the downfall of Hinduism,” they, like cowardly macho men throughout history, turned their aggression against innocent women:

France says the “mysterious explosion in a support vehicle carrying six members of the Sodicars Racing team”  was terrorism, the Saudis claim there is no evidence of criminal intent, and the Sodicars chairman says, “I saw everything. It was a deliberate act; there’s no doubt about it”:

  • Saudi diplomacy needs flesh on its skeleton of sports and religion Middle East Soccer)

“The death of the writer and poet Baktash Abtin in custody is emblematic of the dire situation Iranian authorities have created for imprisoned critics of the government” — according to Human Rights Watch:

Despite confessing having ” actively and passively internalized anti-Muslim racism [her] entire life,”  this researcher has been dismissed from UC San Diego’s Critical Gender Studies program for being selective about to whom she revealed her father’s position in India’s external intelligence agency:

“[F]ar from being a remote region with little importance for Islamic thought and practice, the Arctic instead raises profound questions of religious evolution and legal authority that resonate through the entirety of the Islamic world and beyond”:

“After thousands of arrests under draconian laws such as the Unlawful Activities and Prevention of Terrorism Act and the Public Security Act over the last three years, the government” has only exacerbated the feelings of “alienation and a simmering militancy”:

“China became a lifeline for Iran’s economy after the United States withdrew in 2018 from a nuclear agreement agreed between major powers and Tehran”:

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