News and Analysis 1/13/22

The U.S. Department of State is calling for an investigation into the death of a man witnesses say “was stopped by Israeli forces while driving home, then dragged out of the car, gagged and handcuffed, and left to die”:

The whistleblower came to feel that Steven Emerson disrespected the Muslim faith and that he “was working for a [pro-Israel] lobbying organization and not against terrorism”:

The White House finally concedes “that former President Donald Trump’s decision to quit the agreement is what has led to an Iran on the verge of an atom bomb,” but will they implement the obvious remedy and lift sanctions?:

“Christian Advocates Serving Evangelism Inc. donated more to special interest groups CAIR identified as Islamophobic than other charities did by a significant margin— … close to $20 million annually between 2017 and 2019”:

The U.N. Charter requires members far enough behind to “lose their voting rights. But it also gives the General Assembly the authority to decide ‘that the failure to pay is due to conditions beyond the control of the member,'” which is certainly the case for Iran:

“She is one of at least a dozen western nationals believed to be held in Iran who activists say are being held as hostages at the behest of the elite Revolutionary Guards to extract concessions from the west”:

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