News and Analysis 1/15/22

The disgraceful prison at Guantanamo still holds 18 prisoners whose release has been ordered, more continue to be held without charge …

… and now that the war under which they were taken prisoner has ended even the few accused of crimes should be given a fair trial, not a military show trial …

… instead of threatening the whistleblowers with the death penalty …

… Biden should shut it down:

Why is Ted Cruz surprised that oppressive policies designed to persecute those he despises are turned against those he loves?

“The J&K administration has been averse to allow civil society bodies’ polls in Kashmir after August 5, 2019. It has already denied permission to the Kashmir Bar Council and the Kashmir Chamber of Commerce and Industries on different pretexts”:

“Dozens of Palestinian Bedouins have been wounded in a crackdown by Israeli forces on a protest against continuing Israeli forestation work on land residents say they privately own near the southern city of Beer al-Sabe”:

Exemptions meant to advance “the U.S. interest in ensuring Iranians maintain access to the global Internet … do not include tools for business communications,” thus unintentionally advancing Iran’s Internet censortship:

In contravention of International law Israel holds a 17-year-old at grave risk due to his medical condition is held without due process on secret charges:

The “Sadrist Movement, together with a Sunni parliament alliance and Western-leaning Kurds, re-elected a parliamentary speaker opposed by the Iran-aligned camp with a solid majority”:

Palestine Action claims “a major victory against British complicity in Israel’s war crimes: permanently shutting down an Elbit Systems weapons factory in Oldham”:

Despite his optimism, the EU foreign policy chief echoed the French FM’s caution that progress is dangerously sow, warning that “if Iran becomes a nuclear power then we will not have achieved anything. We need to bring the U.S. back into the agreement”:

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