News and Analysis 1/17/22

“Despite the fact that many of the Bedouins are living on the ancestral homelands, while others were internally displaced after 1940, Israel views them as ‘trespassers’ on their land and does not recognize their ownership'”:

“[A]n American military presence in Iraq and Syria is not required for our safety nor for the protection of our vital national interests” — Dan Caldwell, vice president of foreign policy at Stand Together and a Marine veteran of the Iraq War:

“The future of press freedom in Indian-administered Kashmir has been thrown into question after pro-government journalists and police officers forcibly took over its independent press club, which the authorities later shut down” …

… and by the use of the PSA (that allows up to 6 months detention without trial) against a journalist who had been granted bail:

“A 75-year-old Palestinian activist and community leader succumbed on Monday to wounds sustained in a deliberate run-over accident by Israeli forces earlier this month” when he was “deliberately run over by an Israeli police vehicle”:

Differences remain as to what sanctions relate to the nuclear deal, guarantees that the US will not withdraw again, verification of U.S. compliance, and what might be done about technical knowledge acquired by Iran during the period of noncompliance:

“Semi-official Iranian media reported on Monday that the {unnamed] diplomats… had landed in the city where the 57-member organisation is based to restart operations six years after the office was closed following a diplomatic rift”:

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