News and Analysis 2/9/22

“Saied announced over the weekend he was dissolving the Supreme Judicial Council, one of the few remaining state bodies still able to act independently of him”:

Katherine Harvey’s new book explains how by following itys perceptions rather than reality Saudi Arabia for years worked against its own interests in Iraq and placed a wedge between itself and the U.S.:

“Israel’s wrath at Amnesty for daring to release its study reflects that it now sees the … writing on the wall … Israel’s South Africa moment is nearing”:

“Republicans had previously sought to block the 2015 deal, reached under former President Barack Obama, with a resolution, however, Democrats used a mechanism known as the filibuster to block its passage”:

“Nobel Peace Prize laureate Malala Yousafzai has urged Indian leaders to ‘stop the marginalization of Muslim women'”:

“Don’t buy products laced with hate, Sabra funds a racist state.” Now how about disinvestment of Harvard’s enormous endowment?

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