News and Analysis 2/21/22

It’s time for those who expected more from Joe Biden than from Donald Trump to admit that it’s not going to happen:

The Iranian parliament’s advice to its executive branch regarding dealing with the U.S.  Ronald Reagan’s advice regarding the Soviet Union: Trust, but verify …

… while Israel continues to pressure the American government …

… but Iran says, despite “significant progress,” that “”nothing is agreed until everything is agreed” and that the “remaining issues are the hardest”:

After Selaedin Maksut explained Islam to Ed Durr, the then N.J. state-senator elect not only apologized for his insulting tweet, but became an ally in the fight for state recognition of Islam’s two major holidays:

“If Narendra Modi’s ‘new India’ had not become a place in which Muslims have been increasingly treated as lesser citizens than Hindus, we might today have been able to see clearly the difference between Islam and political Islam”:

While it is true “that Israeli repackaging of their food is part of a broader effort to minimise if not erase Palestinian national identity,” it is also true “that Palestinians and Mizrahim share similar culinary traditions“:

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