News and Analysis 2/23/22

“Israel hones invasive surveillance technology on Palestinians before it is exported abroad.” Says one victim, “No one wants to come here. The kids don’t play outside. We’re constantly watched”:

Syria is also part of Russia’s sphere of interest: …

… but if “Putin has become a model for a class of world leaders” for whom “land grabs, military threats, destabilisation, disinformation, and assassinating one’s opponents are the game’s new rules,” is he not just following the model set by Israel?

UK Lawyers for Israel cancel the director of UK’s Whitworth art gallery:

An agreement “between the two countries’ free trade zone authorities” was among those signed:

Modesty, identity, empowerment, personal choice were among the reasons women gave for wearing hijab in sports. Promoting terrorism was not one of them:

“Young Muslim women are out on the streets protesting for their rights. And you’re still telling me that [these] women can’t think for themselves?” — a 27-year-old from Bangalore:

What may have begun “as a campaign where families of those whose children have been taken into custody have felt unjustly treated and wanted to criticise social services” seems to have turned into “a hate campaign against Sweden and Swedish society”:

“Days after the charred body of a Muslim youth was found in Samastipur district of Bihar, a video has emerged of him being beaten up brutally by a group, asking if he ‘ate beef'”:

“Opponents of the legislation believe it will introduce significant new restrictions on online freedoms in Iran while also stifling competition and harbouring corruption with its myriad new state permits and funding”:

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