News and Analysis 2/26/22

Many “who are making quite strong statements about [Russia’a occupation of the Ukraine]  … don’t seem to be saying the same things about another occupation, that has been going on for fifty years in the Golan Heights”:

“The Shin Bet’s former No. 3 thinks it’s time for Israel to rethink its modus operandi”:

Lifting sanctions on Iran could offset the effects of Russia’s Ukraine invasion on oil prices:

Netanyahu boasted of convincing Trump to abandon the 2015 deal, but the outcome of that mistake may leave Israel in a much worse position:

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine evokes the precedent of Chechnya where “Russian troops brutally quelled an Islamic insurgency in Chechnya in two wars. They besieged and devastated the Chechen capital of Grozny“:

“Nadine S. Bahour ’22 … said she does not oppose Harvard students visiting the region but rather the way the trip ‘sells itself to be a balanced perspective'”:

“[A]s younger generations are paying more attention to questions of racism in America, … people recognise that there can’t be this exception for Israel” — Barry Trachtenberg, a historian and professor of Jewish history:

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