News and Analysis 3/2/22

Among those armed by Israel is Andriy Biletsky, who has said, “Our nation’s historic mission at this critical juncture is to lead the final march of the white race … against sub-humans who are led by the Semite race”:

“The European and American media now celebrating Ukrainian civilians building Molotov cocktails is the same that condemns Palestinians for even picking up a stone to resist military occupation”:

“The UAE abstention in the Security Council ensured that Russia did not veto the extension of a Yemen arms embargo to include the Houthi rebels”:

“The court ruled on Tuesday that the four families could stay in their homes until Israel carried out a land arrangement, a process that could take years or may not be carried out at all”:

“With economic discontent growing, ‘the only card the BJP has is communalism and Hindu-Muslim polarization,’ said Zoya Hasan, professor emerita at the Center for Political Studies at Jawaharlal Nehru University”:

The remaining issues are: “the extent to which sanctions would be rolled back, providing guarantees that the United States will not quit the pact again and resolving questions over uranium traces found at several old but undeclared sites in Iran”:

Israelis kill Palestinians in Beit Fajr and Jenin and injure students in three schools:

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