News and Analysis 3/5/22

Only Gorsuch and Sotomayor stand up against the “transparent effort to stop lawsuits from those who have been tortured”:

Mirroring the Russia-Ukraine struggle, an autocrat demands sole “authority to interpret Islam” while a democrat projects “‘humanitarian Islam’ … as an alternative to state-backed, less developed, less tolerant, and less pluralistic notions”:

“The Nejat Muslim community and the entire Muslim community of Ukraine condemn the aggression against our country by the Russian Federation, the killing of innocent people, including women, the elderly, and children”:

For Israel the plight of displaced Ukrainian Jews is an “opportunity” to take more land away from the Palestinians:

How denials of building permits and constructions of special roads for the benefit of illegal settlements work to expel landowners and feed apartheid:

Iran condemns anti-Shia violence in Pakistan while seeking to establish free trade with its neighbor:

Based on 1980s reports that the Israeli secret service “drugged, stripped naked, and photographed in compromising positions [Palestinian hair salon customers] with the pictures then used to blackmail them or their families into espionage”:

CAGE’s “landmark report details the sweeping executive powers that have led to Muslim civil society being systematically monitored, investigated and sanctioned by the French state”:

Demonstrations began Friday when “four Palestinians, including three children, were injured after an Israeli settler opened fire at them near an Israeli settlement in the old city of the southern West Bank city of Hebron”:

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