News and Analysis 3/17/22

With the rise in book bans across the country, … books for and about Muslims, already rare in school libraries and curriculums, are increasingly being put out of reach for young readers”:

That the real issue in the Ukraine crisis is not democracy vs. autocracy but “adherence to international law … is evident in the diddling of countries” such as Israel, Turkey, China, India, and UAE:

“We believe this building in Irbil was a center for coordinating and planning operations against Iran’s national security and several malicious activities against Iran happened from there” — analyst affiliated with the Iran’s Revolutionary Guards:

“Muslims have long been waiting for more authentic representation like this in Hollywood” to replace the unattractive stereotypes of demonic fanatics, oppressed victims, and ultra-secularists who “denounce their faith altogether”:

“[A]rchival documents from the early years of Israeli rule in the West Bank suggest that the motivation for declaring local firing zones may have been political”:

“It is now clear that Russia’s tactical gambit to leverage the Iran nuclear deal to punch a hole in western sanctions regime over the crisis in Ukraine did not work” …

… but “49 of the Senate’s 50 GOP members vowed to do everything they can to block any deal that does not meet their comprehensive demands“:

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