News and Analysis 3/20/22

An anti-Zionist Israeli Jew’s bid for asylum could become a precedent for Muslim and Christian victims of Israeli apartheid:

A Muslim doctor in NAZI Germany already risked death to secretly treat Jews, but when the granddaughter of a patient faced deportation to a Polish death camp, he went a step further to pretend that she was his niece:

“With many intellectuals, clerics, bloggers, and activists already behind bars, Saudi Arabia last month warned that anyone spreading ‘baseless’ rumours on social media could face up to five years in prison and a hefty fine”:

“We are not compromising our faith, but rather trying to work toward the common good, care about each other and collaborate with one another”:

“Irish foreign minister Simon Coveney, who acts as United Nations Security Council facilitator at the talks in Vienna, said … there was ‘no question’ that agreement would lead to renewed oil exports from Iran, reducing upward pressure on energy prices in the West”:

Iran’s immediate claim of direct responsibility for an attack on what it identified as “an Israeli security and intelligence headquarters in Iraqi Kurdistan” might signal an escalation of future hostilities in what had ben a secret war …

… which could be a problem for U.S troops in the region:

Amid the controversy over “The Kashmiri Files” one Indian commentator deplores the use of history to smear an entire people while another explains the distinction between “political cinema” and “politically-motivated cinema”:

Students demonstrated non-cooperation “by wearing hijab, skull cap, etc.” and now a video “on social media platforms show[s] Muslim boys marching to school … wearing a Taqiyah cap (religious skull cap)” in violation of school rules”:

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