News and Analysis 3/23/22

In a 22-page joint report titled ‘Apartheid in the Occupied West Bank: A Legal Analysis of Israel’s Actions’, the law school “found that the Israel regime’s practices in the occupied West Bank amounted to criminal activities in breach of the prohibition of apartheid”:

The Kashmir controversy results in both banned speech …

… and forced speech, with an opposition leader “claims that some BJP politicians and party workers are forcing theatres to screen The Kashmir Files:

How Israel’s apartheid work permit system seduced Palestinians into abandoning education for menial jobs:

Fighting against Islam’s traditionally decentralized method of jurisprudence, “Mr. Bin Bayyah favours a state-controlled clergy that stifles free-flowing debate by avoiding what the jurist terms the ‘chaos of the fatwa'”:

“Amnesty’s bombshell report and Ukraine’s refugee crisis are an opportunity for Israelis to rethink their denial of Palestinian return to their homeland”:

ADL’s review of the controversial program to teach American police how to treat U.S. citizens to use military tactics Israel uses against Palestinians ultimately defends a program progressives accuse of “attacking social justice movements”:

“My parents have taught me to believe in the constitution. I have studied law. It had never occurred to me that a woman who believed in secularism would be charged with terrorism”:

After Libya, Iraq, and now Ukraine, “What lesson do you take away if you’re Iran, and you are at a table where the West is trying to get you to give up your nuclear ambitions?”:

As black people became a majority  of the prison population in 1963, the Nation of Islam played a critical role in prison reform:

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